have produced here a selection of my favourite paintings that have been created over the last few years.

Being a disabled person with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy I started painting when I was 17. Having extremely limited movement I rely on others to assist me at all times, but throughout using my own skills to create works under the difficult circumstances.

Attending a local class for Disabled Artists (Conquest Art) has taught myself and the other members to apply ourselves and be creative through our thoughts regardless of our disability.

Please browse through my workz and hope that you enjoy them and that they give you as much pleasure and satisfaction as they have given me in creating them.


From these pictures I have produced blank cards that can be used for Thank-You Cards, Sympathy Cards or simply plain Notelets to send to your friends.

If you would like to purchase some cards, they are packed in clear cellophane pockets and can be used as gifts to friends and relatives.


All proceeds from the sale of these cards goes to the Research into Muscular Dystrophy.


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